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US/UK films

US/UK Films

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Sweet November    
Pirates of the Caribbean    
There will be blood    
Face Off    
Resident Evil    
10,000 BC    
The Golden Compass    
Fantasy 4    
Lake House    
Ella Enchanted    
Spider man    
Harry Potter    
I am Legend    
Highschool Musical    
Scary Movie    
The ring    
Final Destination    
Ghost Rider    
Rush Hour    
P.S. I love you    
Casino Royale    
Triple X    
Mission: Impossible    
Da Vinci Code    
Big Mama's house    
She's the man    
The Grudge    
Blood Diamond    
Brokeback Mountain    
Deja Vu    
The Curse of the Golden Flower    
We are marshall    
Star War    
The Lord of the Ring    
Mr & Mrs Smith    
Ocean's Twelve    
Van Helsing    
Mean Girls    
Around the world in 80 days    
The Hot chick    
Princess Diary    
Bridget John's diary    
I, robot    
The Village    
Alien vs Predator    
Phantom of the opera    
Bruce Almighty    
The last samurai    
How to lose a guy in 10 days    
Shanghai Knights/Noon    
Italian Job    
The Hulk    
Charlie's Angel    
Legally Blonde    
The girl next door    
Love Actually    
Scorpion King    
Men In Black    
Pearl Harbour    
Spider Wick    
Nguoi dan ong tren dong song bang    
Ngoi nha nho tren thao nguyen    
How to lose a guy in 10 days    
She's the man    
What a girl wants    
Wedding crasher    
Moulin Rouge    
Lizzy Mcguire    
Indiana Jones    
Speed Racer    
Mr Bean    
Harry Potter    
Iron Man    
Get Smart    
Dark Knight    
Red Cliff    
Hell Boy: The Golden Army    
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor    
Star Wars    
 Journey to the center of the earth    
Step up    
Death race    
 X Files: I want to believe    
Dragon ball    
Mama mia!    
Babylon A.D    
Bangkok Dangerous    
Big Stan    

Cartoon movies

NameWatchDownloadBuy VCD/DVDRemarks
Beauty & the Beast    
Snow White    
Sleeping Beauty    
The Little mermaid    
Shark Tail    
Finding Nemo    
Peter Pan    
Lilo & Stitch    
 Happy Feet    
Ice Age    
Bug Bunny    
Nu Pacadi    
Mickey, Donald, Goofy    
Alice in wonderland    
Lion king    
Chicken little    
Finding Nemo    
101 dalmatians    
Kungfu Panda    

Drama series

NameWatchDownloadBuy VCD/DVDRemarks
Prison break    
Grey's anatomy    
Ghost whisperer    
Desperate housewife    
Ugly betty    
Private practice    
 Lipstick jungle    

List of famous cartoon


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            I forget the April Fool's day every year, that's why I fall for the first joke of the day seriously every year!

            Okay, this year, the first thing I do with my laptop is browing deviantArt and then go to Knightus's site. There's only the Collection feature as something new on dA, which is a very creative thing to make. And when I go to Knightus, okay, I can see some changes on the site, with a photo of detective Conan and Hello Kitty (?!) and theeeeesssseeee "Independent source on the latest on Akai stuff: Interviewer: What was the most difficult dicision you made over the course of drawing the series? Aoyama-san: When I decided to kill off Akai Shuuichi. I on no longer felt the character was important to the story. He will not come back. He is dead." Of course I went "OMGGGGG, WTH??? Is Aoyama trying to be unpredictable and giving fans the most surprising news? This would be the most unpredictable thing ever!" and type "Aotaka: Huh??? He's dead??? Forever??? This is the most shocking news... Every fan thinks that it's fake!" into the cbox there. I din realize Toichi was talking about the April Fool joke itself on the cbox. "Aotaka: geez, i fell for a joke!" Then only until then I could see  "Ep 492 Akemi Clip, Akai's first death (Akemi runs him over). Next Ep: Who cares? Nothing good for Akai coming. Ratings: Does it really even matter anymore?" replacing the usual calendar of DC anime release. And "Scanlations are for educational purposes. Please refrain from reading Conan again until Akai is alive. Cbox: 1. Don't ask for Akai. Avoid non-Shuu related discussions. 2. Akai developments in "DC Spoilers" replacing the usual: "Scanlations are for education purposes. Please purchase at the local retailer to support the author (or something like that). Cbox: Don't ask for release. Avoid off-topic spam. Spoiler in DC spoilers."

            Now that I remember last year, there was also a joke on this day on the site. But can't remember what it was. Geez.

            Dang, Knightus sure has good sense of humor. Hahah, now I can't help laughing at myself. Take a look at his site on this year's April Fools' day for yourself:


Check out how the site normally is in this entry

Now that I hope that the Collection figure on dA is not a joke!!!! Hahah!

EDIT: When I logged on dA in the morning, it was still not the April Fools' day yet so I din find out about the joke until the evening. Basically, everyone's icon changed to this
PhotobucketThis little thing has caused quite abit of a commotion. "So I herd u liek mudkips" is a sentence that as I know got famous on 4chan. Some are angry, but most are entertained. Come on, it's no big deal.

Mudkips are everywhere! Art comments, journal comments, news comments

So many people talked about this joke on their journals.

At least hundreds of new mudkips deviations in response to this were made on the day.

About 10 pieces of news talking about this joke, one of which featured the mudkips deviations as talked above.

And you can't change the icon for teh day

If you go to the Today page, you might get a hold of what's going on and who's related to this. On the right corner, there lies the rewarded Deviousness, mudkips.deviantart.com

Going to his profile page, you can see the Deviousness award icon. He got hundreds of comments in 1 days, and more than 10,000 pageviews as at the time of the screenshot below and total of more than 20,000 pageviews in ONE day!!!

Below is the screenshot for today, April 2nd. But the award was removed. Well, it's mysterious that this guy has been offline for 6 weeks as you can see, but his deviations were changed (some were removed)!!! Many people think that he's responsible for this icon matter and that mudkips icon is HIS. But NO, in my opinion, he's just some Mudkips guy with a different mudkip icon (as seen below), been offline for 6 weeks and had no idea that he was teh celebrity on this year's April Fools' day. See, his icon also moved back to its own today, and it's not that icon Photobucket. He must be very surprised when he comes back to dA. Things that happened probably was that the dA staff made this joke and changed everyone's icon to that and pick a guy with the username of Mudkips to better the joke, that's all. This guy was the "victim". The staff also changed something on his profile.

But the clubs' icons are still okay. They say it's no different between club and member account, but based on this, I think there's difference.

Quite fun, isn't it, and now, everything's back to normal. Oh, and I missed the mudkips icon!!!!
P.S. I see that some even move to use the mudkips icon after it has changed back to their own avatar. Mudkips are cute loh....

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NOTE: I tried to write everything in this entry with utmost objectiveness/unbiasedness without any discrimination leaning on who I like/dislike so please don't comment that I prejudiced your idol because of my emotion!!!!!!

            Having seen thousands of cosplay photos thru internet, I never knew about these renowned cosplayers from the Philippines until I visited deviantArt (dA) more often and had an account there!!! Yes, if you are Filipino and attracted by manga/anime/cosplay/etc, you'll definitely know Jin Joson with Tuxedo (Tux) team and Alodia Gosiengfiao with her group. I bet these are the most popular cosplayers in the Philippines, who are now also known by (and actually become the idol of) many otakus in many other countries. Cosplay idols and net idols, that is.

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Detective Conan fans

Well, suddenly on the danger of DC ending in no time, I feel like listing the ppl that I've talked to on the internet thanks to our same passion towards DC... Many of them I met on Knightus's site. Some others I met on Detective Conan Forum. The rest from other sites ^^

I'll start off

Miyano-sama (the joker)
Hela Kaede
Purple (Kyu)
Neko Haruko
HeartyX (i felt her resembling Ran ^^)
Kale recross (oh well, i'm pretty sure I wrote it wrong ^^'')
Kris (the deduction maniac)
Unknown (I think he's now Aitunes)
Toichi (the theory freak)
Theory (clearly another theory freak)
Mschif Icka

etc etc

There are still many others but I'm sorry that I can't remember you all...

The interesting that when you go to many sites that is related or has a corner of that site related to DC, you'll definitely find some "sub-sets" of these ppl. Sugoi desu ne??? From Knightus's site, I go to DC forum, detectiveconan.us, to fanfiction.net\DC, to what else I can't remember, I can always see them. Even at DC-unrelated sites like Gaia you'll still see them being friends. Some are even own DC sites or the mods of some popular forum, eg Knightus, Conan#1, Mschif Icka, Magicbulletgirl etc

I feel really satisfied and interested when I met all these DC-passionate ppl. Talking about DC or other 1001 kinds of stuff are both great! And they can give such bright theory that I can't ever think about.

I've become much more serious about DC than I was and at the same time more interested at it. (Oh well they say a cup of wine is tasteless without a drinking companion, or so). And DC made us all friends! I've never felt so close to net-friends like that ever! And other than the mystery cases with Conan, this is truly the greatest thing that I've experienced with DC.

Thank you all :)

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            Oh my, I've just back from the cinema. And "L change the world" did disappoint me a lot! It pissed me quite a bit so I'm writing a review on it here.


           Well, the teaser was L solving a case in his last 23 days after Kira died. I expected it to be a deduction showdown, which can show clearly L's intelligence. However, it turns out to be a TRUE COMEDY!!!

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            DC File 638 English is out at Knightus's site. Once again, thx so much to Knightus and Miyano-sama! It was such a fast translation as usual!

Read File 638 English at Knightus's site

Download File 638 English from MediaFire (Knightus's link)

Download File 638 English from 4shared (Knightus's link)


            Well, it was just like the spoiler, and just like what we see from the F638 Raw. Ran and Sonoko went to Shinichi's house to do cleaning and met Okiya brushing his teeth. Ran kicked him in the jaw. And funnily, he was calm to the level that he did not resist her kick, even told her that her phone was ringing and resume brushing teeth as if nothing's happened. Lmao~ He's just like Akai! Definitely his type! After Conan told Ran about Okiya, Ran said sorry and wanted to invite Okiya to eat something, and Okiya suggest the place that the two girls had just eaten. He guessed it through Sonoko's behavior ie. standing behind Ran, pressing the phone with ring finger and Ran's little salt on the mouth. But I don't believe that WcDonald (or Welcome Burger ^^) is the only place selling garlic bread/sandwich together with french fries. But whatever, that's how detective stories are, detectives get everything right with very few clues (many of which may seem impossible!). And yeah, I was wrong, Conan knew about the paper plane before Okiya but he got the wrong version (wrong pattern on the plane) from Genta, and only saw the right thing from Ran so it could be called a draw between Conan and Okiya.

            When the spoiler said Ran was going to meet Okiya, many people was excited since Ran had met Akai a few times before and had quite a strong impression of him. So if Ran was to meet Okiya and if Okiya is Akai she would find him familiar. And yes, Ran DID find Okiya familiar as if she has met him somewhere before. But it still does not mean that Okiya is Akai. Because Ran also had met Sharon and Rena and a bunch of other people that were related to the DC plot. So Okiya still can be anyone! (in which being Vermouth is a big possibility after being Akai). However, with this behavior of Okiya (calm, indifferent), I still want to bet that he's Akai. But what if Conan and Akai had agreed that Akai would come back as someone like this, and Conan believes that Okiya is Akai, but finally he turns out to be another BO member that had known of the plan and corrupt all of Conan's plans. Well, that would be the end for him :(

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            DC File 638 Raw is out at Knightus's site. Once again, a very quick scan from him ^^ Thx so much to the generous Knightus!!!

Read DC File 638 Raw at Knightus

Download DC File 638 Raw from Mediafire (Knightus's link)

Download DC File 638 Raw from 4shared (Knightus's link)


            Well, as you can see (by just looking at the pictures), the spoiler was amazingly correct. Everything was just like it said. Conan was using his phone (in the class, bad boy), and he remembered Bourbon, the new BO agent whose targets Shiho. The Detective Boys also showed Conan the paper plain. At the same time, Ran and Sonoko went to Shinichi's house probably to do some cleaning (he's so lucky) and saw Okiya brushing his teeth in the bathroom (Omg, he looked so messy and so cute) and Ran kicked him in his jaw maybe becoz of thinking he's an free-loader, then being explained by Conan, Ran was embarrassed. Okiya even showed off his deduction skill by telling the two where they've been (obviously it's some kind of fast food restaurant like Mc Donald, and now i notice that in many manga series they will draw the symbol of the fast food store as W, upsidedown of M, it must be that they don't wanna mention Mc Donald directly). Okiya resumed his brushing (hahah, he's so cute, he's so cute that I don't wanna believe he's Akai). And then Sonoko give both Shinichi and Okiya a challenge regarding the 100 paper plane (I really don't know what they are) which both of them got the answer (or temporary answer) at the same time (ONCE AGAIN, it's at the same time by one person saying at the place and one person talking on the phone or by message like in the Young Hattori's Memory's case, it seems like Gosho will just want a draw whenever there is a competition between two big brains, which I FIND BORING). But actually Conan had advantage of knowing about the paper plane first, so does that mean he may lose if he was told about the paper airplane at the same time as Okiya??? Lmao~~~

            I don't know what this case would lead to, but I hope that it will show some clue about Bourbon, or at least plot-related. Okiya started to be centralized just like Eisuke and Rena were.

            Anyway, Okiya is ssoooooo KAWAII !!!!!!!!!!

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Detective Conan File 637 English: Crackle

            Yoshi, File 637 English is out just now at Knightus's site. Thank you and Miyano-sama so much!!!

            Here are the links:

Read File 637 English at Knightus's site

Download File 637 English from Mediafire (Knightus's link)

Download File 637 English from 4shared (Knightus's link)



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Detective Conan File 637 Raw: Crackle

                Well, well, well, I've never seen such a fast production at Knightus's site as the recent weeks. The raw is uploaded on the same release day (Jan 23rd 08 as for this file) and the translation is available after just 2 or 3 days. Sugoi!!! Thx so much to Knightus and Miyano-sama!!!

Read File 637 Raw at Knightus's site

Download File 637 Raw from Mediafire (Knightus's link)

Download File 637 Raw from 4shared (Knightus's link)


                There were 3 spoilers (never seen this many) at Knightus's site for File 637. Maybe because everyone is excited since this seems to be an Okiya-related case. Eventually, 1 out of those 3 was true (luckily it's not zero ^^). All the Okiya-calls-Conan-informing-about-someone-who-is-watching-the-house is bluff. But at least Okiya DID appear (and maybe that is already enough to satisfy many fans :D). Knightus said maybe Gosho made this case to point out that Okiya's not a bad person (with that kind smile towards Ai). But actually I can't tell if it's a kind or evil one since his eyes are always closed (to a person with usual open eyes then a smile with closed eyes is more likely to be a kind one). But well, I hope it's kind one (many others hope so too). Many says it's the way he cares about Ai.

                The rumor that Okiya is Akai is so well spread that now many people assume that it's the truth without any doubts. Well, when Akai was shown dead in File 609, it was like 90% believed that he's not dead, that was just a trick to bluff the BO. And then when Okiya appeared in File 622, once again 90% believed that he's Akai. And more and more people believe so now. Of course, there are still many people thinking or guessing he's not. And I think it's more interesting that way :D isn't it? And who knows, maybe Gosho intended to let Okiya be Akai but then so may ppl guessed it right so he changed his mind to make him another character???!

                And one more thing, according to this raw, Ai seemed to be really afraid of static electricity as Miyano-sama guessed. It was cute of her. But it's not something right. As Halfxasleep and ShinXela said, they don't believe/want Ai being afraid of this just to be a hint for Conan to solve the case, but it should be something more important. She's a scientist after all (she showed her great math and physics knowledge in Movie 5 - Count down to heaven) yet she's worse than a detective??? Gosho might have forgotten that... Anyway, I still think this is just simply a hint for Conan to solve the case, since in so many other cases, there were also many coincidental event occurred conveniently just to play as a hint after all.

                And this case is a bit disappointing with only one suspect (Ena-san), Okiya appeared in only 2 blocks and the way Ai being afraid of static shock. hmmm

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